Management of accounting records

We provide daily, monthly, weekly, annual reports to the client, banks (according to the established and agreed need), data declaration according to the specifics of the individual client’s activities.

Legal form:

  • UAB
  • MB
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Individual activities
  • Business certificate

Accounting program:

  • Riville
  • Forma Pak
  • Riville EPR
  • Client accounting program
  • Connecting to an accounting program from anywhere

Place of Service:

  • Accounting in the office
  • Distance accounting
  • Accounting in the client program
  • The ability to connect to our server and accounting program.

From primary accounting documents to preparation and presentation of financial statements:

  • Pit declaration
  • VAT declaration
  • Profit and (profit advance) tax return
  • Environmental pollution declaration
  • Statistical reports
  • Interim financial statements
  • Annual accounts

Personnel Accounting Management:

  • Accounting for business trips
  • A1 certificate order
  • LDU preparation and presentation
  • Calculation of wages (+sending of salary slips, providing information to anstoli)
  • Calculation of annual leave
  • Preparation of orders and submission to the bank other work related to wages according to the need that has arisen
  • Declaration Sodra, VAVMI

Additional services provided

  • Establishment of companies

  • Liquidation of enterprises

  • Tax advice;

  • VAT code registration

  • Activity pause documentation

  • Representation in state institutions

Atypical bookkeeping work we perform to ensure the quality, accuracy and consistency of accounting for our client:

  • Search and reconciliation of accounts, tripartite netting
  • Communication with third parties on the reconciliation of accounts, debts
  • Representation of the company in state institutions
  • VAT refund in case of overpayment, acquisition of property
  • Reports-generated monthly-cumulative profit statement (e-EMG)
  • Management reports (according to the form provided by the client). Additional service
  • Preparation of personnel documentation). Additional service
  • Accounting for goods, entering data into the client’s program
  • Other required work (individual need).Additional service

From primary accounting documents to preparation and presentation of financial statements